Reiki Healing Elements
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Reiki Healing Elements 
Balancing The Elements Within You.

Welcome to our Reiki  Family,

Here at Reiki Healing Elements we offer divine guidance for all our students who are on there journey back home to there authentic selves.  We take great pride and care in each students personal spiritual progress. Our Reiki students always gain much knowledge of there inner selves, along with personal fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment. We strive to enlighten students of there own personal power and there own innate spiritual abilities and how to harness the Universal Life Force Energy.  We encourage students to take full responsibly of managing and growing their power.  Students learn to not only heal themselves but family and friends as well. Since Reiki knows no boundaries students are also taught the sacred symbols which allow them to heal the past and present situation or traumas and taught how to co-create/manifest the future that they truly desire . Here at Reiki Healing Elements we guide students on how to achieve personal alchemy and how to balance the inner elements of there being thereby balancing the outer elemental world. Peace always comes from within first before it is transmuted out-words into our physical reality. Each student is divinely guided and introduced to there very own personal Spiritual Reiki Guides and Angels that will be assisting them along there journey.

Reiki comes from the highest vibrations of heaven down into our heart center then radiating out our true essence which is unconditional love. Here we are closest to the creator and can then come from a place of non-judgement and one of love and forgiveness for self and all others. This allows for true healing to take place on all levels of our being: mental, emotional, physiological, spiritual and physical.  What a gift to know that the power and knowledge of all the universes do not reside without or with any other person, place or institution but rather within our own hearts. The student then become there own guru and begins to emanate at there own vibration  instead of absorbing the vibrations of the world around them. Reiki has the power to heal any and all illnesses as long as one is open minded and willing to do the work suggested.  Reiki is the most Unique Blessing form our Ancestors. Students lives are truly transformed inside and out bringing them into total alignment. Which is the greatest gift we can give to our selves, to our family, to our friends and most of all tho the world!