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       Rainbow Warriors Healing Circle!
Reiki Healing Elements is honored to support our community by hosting our monthly  "Reiki Rainbow Warrior's Healing Circle"   

We are delighted in assisting Mother Gaia, Humanity our ancestors and Spirit by hosting our Reiki Rainbow Warriors Healing Circle every month.  We hold sacred space every fourth Saturday of every month from 1pm to 3pm.  

This Rainbow Warriors Healing Circle is open to everyone.   This is a chance for those who have not experienced Reiki to come learn about Reiki  and it's founder 
"Dr. Mikao Usui Sensi".  Participant's will also receive a free Reiki Attuinement. 

So come and share your gifts/energy with the community  as well..  We will  gather in Sacred Space and send powerful healing energy to ourselves, Friends, Family, the Planet, and everything upon it. Community Reiki Circles allow participants to experience healing energies, removal of creative and emotional blocks, find inspiration, clarity, and deepen their spiritual connection to Source through the power of Reiki.

Rainbow Warriors Healing Circle Location:
4591 F. S. Road 
Shipman, IL 62685

Contact Information:  
Starlet Challacombe