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In Home and/or  Full Hospital Session
The time allotted for an Full in Home/Hospital  Reiki session 1 hour.  I will come to your home and bring all the supplies, bless and clear whichever room you choose for the session. All intake paperwork will be completed and all forms will be signed before the session begins. We will  clean, clear, and bless the entire subtle energy field.  Which includes your meridians, chakras and all layers of the aura.  You will feel totally relaxed and relieved of any stress.  100% satisfaction is guaranteed 
In home $ (130.00)
My home $ (85.00)
Reiki Healing Elements Services
Here at Reiki Healing Elements we provide the highest quality care and respect to all our clients ... Our Healing Sessions are one of a kind and very unique in there own way.  Sessions are personally guided so each client can achieve the best possible unique Spiritual Healing Experience. We honor all of our clients in every way and privacy is just one.
Distance Healing Session 
Our convenient distance healing is offered to those on the go as well.  There is no need to be present to have a totally effective healing session. Perfect for those on the go.  Distance Reiki provides the same exact healing results as those in person.  Please provide a photo copy of the recipient to receive the healing session.  The Session clears, cleans and blesses the entire subtle energy system just like a full in person session.  Distance healing can be done on all animals as well.. 

Person $ (85.00) 
Animal $ (45.00)
Home Blessings and Clearings
We offer home blessings and clearings as well. Will come your home clear each room of any negative energy and sage along with a ritual. To fill each room with the highest Reiki vibration. Each room will be cleared, blessed and sealed with the highest love of the heavens and threw the love of Reiki this is possible. 

Cost varies depending on each situation. 

$ (130.00)
Incorporating Reiki Healing Energies into your wedding can make your ceremony even more intimate, romantic and spiritual. Practices include bead blessings, burning bowl ceremonies and guided meditation. Reiki weddings are about individualization, so we will work with the couple to create a unique ceremony to suit their personalities, religious beliefs and lifestyle. 

Prices Vary depending on each couple pacific objective
Average Cost $550.00 
Sacred Reiki Weddings