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Reiki Certification level 3 (Advanced Practitioners)
Students at this level are extremely empowered and serious about being a practitioner.  As such, they are to have completed all of the requirements of level one and two to be able to advance to being an Advanced Practitioner. This most powerful course will be over a two full day period to always enough time to process the information and practice the shamanic techniques.  Students will learn the Reiki Sacred Master Symbol and how to utilize its vibration.  Along with learning how to perform Psychic Surgery and other shamanic healing teachings.  Integrity is of utmost importance at this level of learning.

 Reiki Level 3 Students will Learn: 

*Learn the Master Symbol and the power it holds
*Learn how to bless & clear space utilizing Reiki Energy & the Master Symbol
*Learn the sacred power of Kotodama chants
*Learn how to perform psychic surgery
*Learn how to remove energetic intrusions 
*Learn Shamanic Reiki techniques
*Participate in a sacred attunement ceremonly, aligning their energy to Reiki 3rd Degree (Advanced Practitioner Level)
*Learn of the Shadow Self - Ego progection
*Recieve certificate for Reiki Advanced Practitioner

Reiki Level 3  (Advanced Practitioners) Training Price = ($550.00)

Reiki Masters/Teachers Certification
Reiki Masters/Teachers are for those students who are interested in teaching Reiki along with being a practitioner. Students are not required to complete all four levels of training every persons spiritual journey is different and not all are called to me a teacher. Students who do decided to dedicate to this level are required to have completed level three along with a minimum 3 months of practice on clients and documentation of sessions. Students must also participate in monthly  of Reiki circles and Reiki shares to be eligible.  Students at this level will walk the walk and talk the Reiki talk. Old karmic debt is erased and a new transparent being has emerged in the student and Dharma being to enter into ones life and one truly is in alignment with Heaven and in line with there true essence and glade to be of service to humanity and Great Spirit..

Reiki Master/Teachers Level Students will Learn:

*Learn The sacred ceremony of Furumoto's Attunement process
*Learn The William Rand's Attunement process
*The Universal Reiki Master Attunement process
*Learn Usui's Reiju Empowerments 
*The Symptoms of Energy shifts and how to help their own future students navigate through them
*Learn how to be an effective Teacher and Reiki Master
*Learn the Violet Breath 
*Participate in the sacred attunement ceremony, opening them fully to the power of Reiki energy at Master Degree.
*Receive certificate for Reiki Master Degree

Reiki Master/Teachers Level Training Price = ($650.00)

Reiki Advanced Practitioners-Masters Training Certification Programs.