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Ms, Starlet Challacombe 
Empathic Healer, Reiki Master/Teacher
​and Ordained Minister. 

About Reiki Healing Elements
Reiki Healing Elements is divinely guided to assist each client on there own personal healing journey. 

Services offered:

-Reiki Certification Programs up to Master/Teacher -Level ​
-In home Reiki Healing Sessions for clients. 
-Hospital Reiki Personal Healing Sessions 
- Distant Reiki Healing Sessions. 
-Animal Healing sessions.
-Home clearings and  Blessings
-Event blessings
-Personal spiritual/soul guidance
-Soul  retrieval
-Sacred Reiki Weddings
-Customized Classes & Courses
-Free Community Reiki Circles with "Julie Roberts" 

Ms. Starlet Challacombe has trained for several years  with intense studying, Prayer, mediation and self discipline to enable her to achieve many  Superior level of  guided healing abilities. 

Starlet's Reiki Training came from "Sanctuary Much" This is where  her Shamanic Master Teacher, Julie Roberts, taught her a training so valuable, it supersedes any other in her life.  Starlet is very Intuitive and has many spiritual guides who accompany her in all in endeavors.  Starlet Teaches much about great spirit along with many Shamanic Teaching.  Love is the most valuable teaching of all- Self Love!

 Dr. Mikao Usui Sensi the founder of the Reiki Natural System of Healing also known as:
           ""Usui Shiki Ryoho" 
The Reiki Principles
Just for today do not worry.
Just for today do not anger
Honor your parents teacher and elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every Living thing.. 
Reiki Healing Elements is a Proud Professional Member of the  "IARP"