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Reiki Certification Level 1 & 2
Deciding to become a Reiki practitioner is big decision and can be very exciting process.. However since every Reiki Master Teacher has their own unique qualification and different  teaching methods, it is  important to find a teacher the resonates with you. having a vibrational match to your Master/Teacher is the most important. I personally interviewed multiple teachers before picking my "Master Teacher"  for certification. You are invited to come and meet Starlet prior registering for class to assure that her teaching methods are the right ones for you.

Here at Reiki Healing Elements we utilize the Usui Shiki Ryoho Method of Natural Healing and also incorporate aspects of Shamanism into the curriculum.  While many schools teach Reiki in  three levels or degrees, here we  teach the certification program in four different levels.  Becoming a practitioner is so much more than just healing on a physical level  because we are all "multidimensional".  It is a life style change, a decision to step into alignment with our primary purpose and to our own personal power. Reiki is process of evolution threw divinely guided enlightenment. This enlightenment is a process, not an event.  It takes time to heal and grow between each level of Reiki. 

Here at Reiki Healing Elements we are committed to the Original teaching of  Mikao Usui and his  Natural Healing Method .  Each student will be divinely guided by the hands of heaven on this wonderful inner journey to their own personal power and freedom.  Reiki provides a way for every student to achieve their own "method of personal perfection"    Through the students dedication and hard work,  they are  making a profound impact on their soul's ascension.


​Reiki Level 1 Certification

Learn to become a natural healer utilizing the Reiki Usui Shiki Ryoho method.  Learn how to achieve your own personal perfection through this intense full day energy work shop. The goal of  Level One is to learn to heal yourself and others. This occurs when you begin trusting your own abilities and building your intuition through daily practice. You activate and work with Sacred Reiki Energy.   Students  will  learn their Reiki family linage and you their connection  to  this sacred art of healing.  This is the beginning of building your healing tool belt and gaining the foundation of that which will allow you to continue to advance to Level Two. 

​First Degree Students will Learn: 

*Learn the history of Reiki
*Learn how to do a Byson body scan and learn to sense energy imbalance and where to apply Reiki
*Learn about the body's entire subtle energy system and how to use Reiki to maintain a balanced healthy life.   
*Learn how to be responsible for your energy  with grounding techniques for proper balance  and  protection. 
*Learn how to connect Reiki Energy and your higher self through a daily meditation practice
*Learn Reiki Self-healing hand positions
*Learn Reiki hand positions for healing others
*Participate in a sacred attunement ceremony to align your personal energy to the frequency of Reiki 1st Degree
*Meet your Reiki spirit guide
*Learn how to bless your food and to make holy water with Reiki 

Reiki Level 1 Training Price = ($300.00)

Reiki Level 2 Certification

Students will be further empowered at Level two by learning additional ways of connecting to Reiki energy using three sacred Reiki symbols. Students will learn to utilize/draw each symbol and learn the vibration that is connected to each symbol. Students will learn to use send distance Reiki by using a surrogate and/or picture to send healing. Students will learn to send Reiki across space and time allowing them to heal themselves and any past or future relationship. Students will be required to send distance Reiki back to every year in their lives, from beginning to present, to insure a balanced healing experience.

Second Degree Students will Learn:

* Learn how to activate and utilize the three secret Reiki Symbols.  
*Learn how to use photo's and surrogate's for distance healing
*Learn to incorporate other healing tools such as crystals, pendulums, Yucca healing rocks, bells and singing into your practice
*Learn how to Bless and Clear a room for a healing session. 
*Learn to send Distance Reiki over space and time to past, present or even future projects.
*Take a guided mediation to your sacred space to meet your Reiki Guide
*Take part in the Sacred Attunement which will align you to with Second Degree Healing Vibrations
*Students will receive Reiki 2nd Degree Certificate (after Reiki is sent back to all of their years.)

Reiki Level 2 Training Price = ($350.00)